Inauguration of Grace - Discipleship

Inauguration Day was a historic moment for our country. Throughout history, political power usually transitions as a result of violence - from the edge of the sword or the end of a gun.

On Friday Americans observed political power transferring peacefully from one person and party to another. Regardless of political perspective, Friday was a day to celebrate our Republic,

Inauguration Day also commences the beginning of a new person and a new work in our country. 

From a Christian perspective, when God calls you to himself it is the beginning of you becoming a new person. It is the beginning of a new work of God in your life. Coming to Christ by faith is the inauguration of divine grace in your life. It begins a life of following Jesus Christ.

It commences a life of discipleship.

In the final words of his laster letter, before being crucified in Rome, Peter encourages Christians to "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (2 Peter 3.18).

Peter instructs us in 3 areas of discipleship:

1. Grow in grace.

That grace of God that called you to follow him is the grace you will grow in as a Christian. God called you because of his infinite goodness, not because of your potential godliness. Grow in God's grace through weekly worship, reading and hearing the Word of God, observing the sacraments, and through prayer.

2. Grow in knowledge.

Growing in knowledge means that there is always more for you to know about God's plan of redemption. You can never be content with how much you know of God and his work. Moreover, knowledge protects you from false teachings which can harm you (2 Peter 3.17).

Finally, growing in knowledge means that God wants you to know him. He wants you to turn the TV off, put the phone down, lay aside distractions and take time each day to know him through his Word and prayer.

3. Discipleship takes time.

It took Peter a lifetime to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. It will take you a lifetime to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ. There are no shortcuts.

We live in a culture that promises immediate results: you don't even have to leave your car and you can get fast food, drop off your dry cleaning, pick up prescriptions, get cash from the bank, and in some states have a church sevice (yes, some churches now offer drive-thru services).

The life of discipleship is just that - a life. It is the direction of your life, not a decision made in the past.

God calls you to continue in the grace he gave you when he called your from sin and death and into new life. He calls you to follow him - to grow in his grace and knowledge until he returns or until your days are done.


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