1 Samuel 2 desribes two families.

The first is the family of Eli and his two sons, Hophni and Phinehas. His two sons are priests in Israel, but the text describes them as "worthless men." They are wicked priests. First, they dishonor God by taking meat from families before it is offered to God so they can satisfy themselves. When some families object, Hophni and Phinehas intimidate and threaten violence against anyone who opposes them.

In addition, these two wicked leaders are having sexual relationships with the women who help maintain the tabernacle. They are committing adultery. Moreover, the people of Israel, including Eli, are aware of their sins because they are so flagrant.

This chapter describes immoral, unqualified, unstable religious leaders who care more for satisfying themselves than for obeying the Lord.

It also demonstrates that Eli should have confronted and disciplined his wicked sins. Instead, he chose to be tolerant of sin and let them continue as pastors in Israel. It appears he valued placating his sons rather than following the Lord.

In contrast, the family of Hannah obeys the Lord. Hannah was promised a son and she believed the word of the Lord. God fulfilled his promise and gave her Samuel. Then he overwhelmed her with 5 more children! God gave Hannah more than she could ever give him.

Furthermore, her son Samuel is a blessing to God and his people. While Hophni and Phinehas are acting wickedly, Samuel is growing "both in stature and in favor with the Lord and also with man." He is honoring the Lord and growing in the grace of God. He will grow up to be a righteous man of God who will lead Israel and annoint the first kings of Israel.

So what is the lesson from 1 Samuel 2?

The lesson is that one family chose to reject God's word, while another chose to believe God and obey. One family disregarded God's Word and they faced God's judgment - they faced failure and destruction for turning their back on God.

However, one family chose to honor the Lord and his word. Hannah and her family put their confidence in God and his promises and found that God blessed them abundantly. 

Today, God promises blessing and life to those who trust him and obey, and he promises failure and destruction to those who oppose him and his word.

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