The Secrets of Samson

The book of Judges contains 4 chapters describing the life of the final judge.

In the 2nd chapter on Samson we read about his secrets. There were several things Samson didn't share with others and it creates the drama and conflict in Judges 13.

First, Samson kills a young lion in a vineyard but does not tell anyone. Several days later, out of curiousity he goes to see what happened to the lion carcass. To his surprise, Samson finds a swarm of bees in the dry carcass of the lion. Before he leaves the dead lion, he scrapes some honey and goes on his way - but he does not tell anyone.

The final secret of Samson occurs at his 7 day wedding feast. He shares a riddle with the wedding party and promises a reward if they can figure it out.

"Out of the eater came something to eat. Out of the strong came something sweet."

When the wedding party fails to solve the riddle, they pressure the future Mrs. Samson to find out or else they will burn her house down.

After days of crying and complaining to Samson, she finally gets him to reveal his secrets. In response, Samson is upset that his bride-to-be has betrayed him. As a result, the chapter ends with a failed attempt at marriage; she marries one of the groomsmen and Samson moves back in with his parents.

Samson's secrets lead to the conflict and crisis in this story. However, the primary secret of the story is found in Judges 14.4. There we read that the Lord "was seeking an opportunity against the Philistines."

The events of Samson's life - the failures, the shortcomings, and the secrets - all these events were guided by the hand of the Lord. He was working behind the scenes to accomplish his plan to save his people from the Philistines and preserve the line of Judah. God promised centuries earlier that the ruler of Israel, the Lord Jesus Christ, would come from the family of Judah.

Today, when the circumstances of your life seem filled with failure and unexpected shortcomings, you can know that God is still working to accomplish his plan for your good and his glory. It was true with Samson. It is true with you.

Moreover, we know that God is still working because he has already worked in history for your good and his glory. At the cross Jesus Christ purchased your redemption and accomplished God's plan to save sinners from the wages of sin. 

Samson's secrets remind us that God is quietly working in your life today to make you more like Jesus Christ. We know that is true because he has already purchased your redemption at the cross. Today God calls you to place your faith in him, believe his promises, and share the Good News of Jesus Christ with others in Mt. Pleasant and Charleston.

Christmas in November

Each year it seems the Christmas season begins even earlier. The dishes from Thanksgiving dinner are barely cleaned up and put away before the rush of holiday shopping, holiday lights, and holiday music begins.

Our Fall study of Judges presents us with a Christmas story in November. In Judges 13 a woman without children is approached by an angel of the Lord and told that she will give birth to a savior in Israel.

This child will be devoted to the Lord and he will begin to save the people of God.

In Judges 13.24, we read, "And the woman bore a son and called his name Samson. And the young man grew, and the LORD blessed him. "This story foreshadows the coming of Christ over a thousand years later in Bethlehem. Mary, like the mother of Samson, is suprised by a divine message announcing that she will give birth to a boy.

Mary was not expecting to give birth to a child, much less to a boy with a redemptive purpose.

Samson was the last judge the Lord raised up in Israel. He was the final judge. Yet, as Judges 13.5 records, Samson was only going to "begin to save Israel."

He was the final judge, but his work was not final.

The final one sent from God was born in Bethlehem over a thousand years later. He was the last one from God and his work was the final redemptive act of God to finally save his people from their sins. His death and his resurrection purchased the redemption of God's people from the wages of sin and a future of death.

The miraculous birth of Samson foreshadows the advent of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Samson's ministry in Israel began to save God's people, but Christ's work at the cross brought salvation to the people of God.



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