Sometimes life is busy.

There are times when there is just too much going on in life. 1 Samuel 16 is a good example of that situation. As you read the chaper it's hard to understand what the primary issue is because of everything that happens. Here is a summary of what happens in the chapter:

- Samuel grieves the failures of King Saul and is sent to Bethlehem to anoint the next king.

- The elders of Bethlehem meet Samuel and welcome him to town.

- Jesse, the grandson of Boaz and Ruth, welcomes the prophet Samuel into his home for a sacrificial meal.

- Samuel meets 7 of Jesse's sons but does not anoint any of them.

- Jesse brings in his youngest son David from the fields to meet Samuel and then he is anointed.

- The Spirit of the Lord leaves King Saul and an evil spirit comes to Saul and torments him.

- Saul's advisors bring in David as a court musician to alleviate Saul's illness.

- Saul grows to like young David and appoints him as his armor-bearer.

After reading all this in 1 Samuel 16, what is the main point of the chapter? These are Scriptural words inspired by the Holy Spirit, so what are you supposed to learn from this chapter?

It seems that primary point is that God has a plan to provide for his people Israel, but no one knows God's plan. He does not fully reveal it, not even to the great prophet Samuel. Saul, Jesse, David, and Samuel are all ignorant of God's plan for his people. God has a plan to guide and protect his people and give them a new king, but his plan is not fully disclosed.

That principle applies today. God has a plan for his church and for you as an individual but he may not disclose it to you. In fact, it's safe to say he usually does not reveal it to you because his ways and thoughts are higher than your ways and thoughts (Isaiah 55). But 1 Samuel 16 is a healthy reminder that God is in control and will do what is best for his people even when they do not see his hand working and when they don't know what tomorrow will bring.

Do you know God's plans? Probably not. But you can rest in God's gracious provision and providence since God has a perfect plan and he will not let you down.

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