How do you respond in a crisis?

Hawaiians recently experienced a brief crisis. During a shift change at the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency, an employee accidentally sent an emergency alert throughout the state. The alert informed residents that there was a ballistic missile inbound to Hawaii.

That message sent countless people scrambling to find shelter immediately. It was an instant crisis.

Fortunately, there was no inbound missile and the message was sent in error. There was no threat. However, that short emergency message changed the lives of everyone in Hawaii for almost an hour. It was a tranformative message.

Followers of Jesus Christ have a life-changing message. Disciples of Jesus Christ have a transformative message that has the power to change lives forever. God calls every Christian to share the good news of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It is the good news of what God has done for you, not what you can do for God.

Scripture teaches that your response to Christ determines the future of your life now and forever. Those who put their faith in him are adopted into God's family and have God as their heavenly Father. However, those who reject Christ have God as a judge who holds you accountable for your sins and sentences you to pay the penalty for your crimes against him. 

Consequently, the message of salvation through Christ which Christians have is a transformative message. It changes the destiny of everyone who receives Jesus Christ by faith. Further, sharing the news of the work of Jesus Christ is not reserved for missionaries in far away countries or full-time pastors. Sharing the gospel is the calling of each person whose life has been changed by Jesus Christ. Moreover, God equips you with his Holy Spirit to enable and empower you to share what God has done in Christ with friends, coworkers, and students. 

As you follow Jesus Christ, will you share what God has done in Jesus Christ with those individuals that God places in your life? Will you invite others to join you Sunday as you worship the Triune God? 

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