God's provision for you is enough.

Like a good shepherd with his sheep, God provides for the needs of his people. His provision is enough for you. What he provides, and what he withholds, are all that you need for today.

However, there are times when it seems like God is not providing. There are times when it seems like there are more questions than answers.

In 1 Samuel 9, Saul, the future king of Israel, is sent out by his father to find some missing donkeys. Throughout the story, Saul is clueless about where God is leading him. They travel for multiple days through multiple towns and still cannot locate the lost animals. Moreover, Saul is unaware that the great prophet Samuel is nearby and can help them. Saul stumbles into Samuel after a fruitless rescue mission for the missing donkeys.

When Saul meets Samuel he is treated exceptionally well by the prophet. Saul is invited to a town feast, given the seat of honor at the table, and given the best place to sleep that night. Saul is treated like royalty by Samuel and all his needs are met. 

Yet, Saul has no idea why this is happening. He does not know what God's plan is until Samuel takes him aside and informs him of God's plan for Saul's life.

Sometimes your life will follow a similar pattern.

Like Saul, you may not understand the circumstances of your life. You may not understand why certain events are happening nor why they are happening.

1 Samuel 9 provides a helpful reminder as you celebrate Thanksgiving.

This story reminds you that even though you may not know the plan of your life, the Triune God does. He will provide for you. He has a plan for you - a plan to provide for you and deepen your faith in him. His plan is bigger than your plan. His plan is better than your plan. Ultimately, his plan is perfect and he will provide for you each day until your days are over and you are in his presence.

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